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The Charismatic Catholic movement isn't exactly what I'd call a big part of my personal spirituality, but I realize that there are many for whom it is essential. With that in mind, here's a talk:


Speaker Bio

Carole Brown graduated with a Master's degree in Theology and Christian Ministry from the Franciscan University of Steubenville in 1997. She several years as a Youth Minister, teaching in a Catholic High School, and has worked at Franciscan University for the last 8 years as the Director of Evangelistic Outreach. She is currently in Ireland as a leader in a Catholic lay ministry organization, contributing to the re-evangelization of Europe.

Download Lecture Audio
(53min., MP3, 15MB)

Topics include: the person and work of the Holy Spirit, practical steps to experiencing the charismatic gifts (tongues, visions, prophecy, etc.), as well as exceptional encouragement from the highest levels of Roman Catholic leadership for receiving from God in this powerful way.

Reference Handouts:

Near the end of the talk Carole references several handouts, a few of which are listed below for members of the Fellowship who are Roman Catholic.

[Note from the TNF Coordinator: Though the talk was given to a Catholic audience, the content is ecumenical (appropriate for the Fellowship), and enormously helpful for everyone desiring a greater release of the gifts of the Spirit. Because Protestant members of the Fellowship generally have more resources available on this topic, the talk is especially helpful for our Catholics.]
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    Sadly, these links no longer work :(

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    sadly, these links no long work :(


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