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As a reader very helpfully writes in:
"He is a Benedictine Monk at Saint Vincent's Archabbey where he is the head of the Anthropology Department and from whence he commonly ventures out giving retreats and lectures touching on his deep scriptural and contextual knowledge. He is an orthodox (in the "right thinking" sense at least) priest, and a widely respected speaker and retreat master."
From his website: Over more than twenty years of priestly service Fr. Mark provides a large number of retreats for laity and religious, married people and clergy. In addition he has been invited to present numerous parish missions and conferences at various diocesan workshops. His themes are varied but usually involve the greater appreciation of Biblical passages for their theological value in themselves and their application to a contemporary setting. The recurring request he heard often enough to act upon it was to make a forum by which something of his approach to Scripture could be made more generally available. These audio files are part of an attempt to meet that request.

The Spirituality of the Old Testament- A talk given at the John Paul II Institute by Fr. Mark.

A Woman of Means- A talk given at a retreat with the theme "Praying with the Magdalene"

Why Are You Weeping?- A talk given at a retreat with the theme "Praying with the Magdalene"

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