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The life of Saint Mary of Egypt reminds us that all are subject to temptation and all, save Christ and the Virgin Mary, have committed sins – sometimes even very grave sins. Yet even the most grievous sinner is not beyond the power of God’s forgiveness as Saint Mary of Egypt would be the first to claim. In the same way, the Church emphasizes that we too, despite our sins, have but to respond to God’s call and we too can be saved.

St. Mary of Egypt'’s life is a model of sin, repentance, and redemption. She spent much of her life as a prostitute eager for the acquisition of many lovers, went to the holy city of Jerusalem where she repented, and spent the rest of her life seeking always to follow the will of God. In the same way, we also have acquired many lovers besides the Lord such as money, power, fame, time, and security. Lent gives us an opportunity to follow Mary to Jerusalem to witness and repent at the live saving passion and resurrection of our Lord. Having repented and been reconciled, we can also follow Mary’s example and dedicate ourselves to serve the Lord for the rest of our lives.

St. Mary of Egypt'’s story also reminds us that throughout our own struggles with temptation and sin, we are blessed with the prayers and intercessions of the holy saints and angels who strive with us in our battles against evil. Foremost of these intercessors is the Most Blessed Virgin Mary who helped lead St. Mary of Egypt to redemption and will help us who turn to her as well. As we approach the Great and Holy Week of Our Lord’s Passion, do not despair in the face of the many temptations calling us to return to our previous way of living, rather keep in mind the life of Saint Mary of Egypt and keep praying to the Mother of our Lord.

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