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Wow. I stumbled onto a site with waaaaaaay more information than I care to read about Iraq's maybe/maybe not status as a Just War in the Catholic tradition. Having served my time in the Gulf, I've had about as much of the subject as I care to. The name of the site? Why, The Catholic Just War Tradition and the War in Iraq, of course! Since it's brought to you by the Ratzinger Fan Club, you know it's good.

While they apparently only have one MP3 on the topic ("The War Against Terrorism", Remarks by George Weigel and Bill Kristol), they have a ton of other materials, from statements by then-Cardinal Ratzinger to Archbishop Martino and Michael Novak. If this is your thing, this is definitely your site.


Mr. Joseph Bottum

“Christ and Culture: The strangeness of the Catholic American situation”

Mr. Joseph Bottum, editor of First Things journal

Joseph Bottum is the editor of First Things, the nation’s leading journal of religious dialogue in the public and political sphere. Bottum’s lecture will consider how Catholic ideas regarding just war and religious participation in the public square have impacted recent American social and political life.

Listen to his remarks (MP3)

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    Chris Campbell July 8, 2010 at 8:57 AM , said...

    These sites and people are all neocons, and no, the Ratzinger club is not "good at all"-thanks for supporting anit-Catholic teaching, for Novak,et al are in defiance of Just War teaching and the statements of JP2 and attack Sungenis and deride the SSPX, but Neocons are fine, then?

    Chris Campbell July 8, 2010 at 8:59 AM , said...

    also, the Just war site-you may want to listen to the Agents of Influence talk by E. Michale Jones-might be surprised to find out who runs that site nad who they are tied with-hint, the faith division of the Bush white house......

    though you have some good talks here, things like this are why I never suggest no promote this site-too neoconny and NeoCatholic....a feel good, GOP kinda time!


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