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From the Diocese of Wichita's Religious Ed. department:

God's Positioning System

Navigation Point - Sacraments

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Sacraments - Part 1
Theologies of Baptism
Infant Baptism
Your Dignity
Rite for Christian Initiation of Adults
Confession - Part 1
Confession - Part 2 "I Don't Know How"
Venial Sins and Faults
Qualities of Sorrow
Like Broccoli
The Eucharist in the Bible
The Eucharist: Our Share in the Covenant
The Eucharist: Our Identity with Christ
The Eucharist: Our Manna
The Priesthood of Jesus Christ
The Bishop of Rome
The New Testament Church
More on the Fathers
Why Go To Mass - Part 1
Why Go To Mass - Part 2
Holy Matrimony
Anointing of the Sick
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