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The folks over at PhatCatholic have a "summer project": scour YouTube and Google Videos and find EVERY SINGLE video that is faithfully Catholic.

The number of YouTube videos they have is simply astounding.

Here's a sample:
  • Angelus:
  • Birth Control and Contraception:
  • Blackfen Parish Pilgrimage 2007:
  • Catholic Coke:
  • Catholic-True Love, True Faith:
  • Confirmation Sermon:
  • Deacon Payne, Seminary Formationator:
  • Die Grosse Stille (Into Great Silence) Trailer:
  • Dominican Sisters of St. Cecelia:
  • Duel of the Seminarians:
  • Emerging from the Catachombs:
  • Eucharistic Procession:
  • Football Player Becomes a Priest:
  • Hannity Bullies Clergyman:
  • I Can Only Imagine:
  • It Is Finished:
  • Jesus in New York:
  • Jewish Roots of Catholicism:
  • Living Lent: The Temptation of Jesus:
  • Mad World:
  • Padre Pio:
  • Persevering in the Pro-Life Cause:
  • Room of Tears:
  • The Beauty of Eucharistic Adoration:
  • The Stem Cell Debate:
  • The Tomb of Jesus?:
  • Traditional Latin Low Mass Introduction (The method of hearing Mass by meditation on the Passion, taken from the writings of St. Peter Julian Eymard and offered according to the Roman Missal [1962]):
  • True Love, True Faith:
  • Vespers at St. Vincent Archabbey:
  • Vocations:
  • We Will Go, Lord:
  • What Is the Mass?:
  • Why I Am Catholic:
If you want to check out the rest, which include speakers like Fr. Corapi and Archbishop Sheen, check out their page....HERE.
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