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William Lane Craig is a Protestant, but I like his arguments for the historicity of the Resurrection and the Kalam argument for the existence of God (originally developed by a Muslim scholar, but more or less a synthesis of a few of Aquinas' Five Ways). From what I can tell, there's nothing contrary to the Faith in his talks, and we (as Catholics) could learn much from his presentation of the truth of Jesus Christ. With that, I bring you some lectures:

  • Does God Exist? W.L Craig vs Austin Dacey Click here
  • Did The Resurrection Really Happen? W.L Craig vs Brian Edwards Click Here.
  • Does God Exists? W.L Craig vs Brian Edwards Click Here.
  • What is the Evidence For/Against the Existence of God? W.L Craig vs Atkins. Click Here.
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    Anonymous December 20, 2007 at 3:48 PM , said...

    A lot of the links are dead. I have updated the list with more current links at veritasdomain.


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