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Michael Davies (March 13, 1936 - September 25, 2004) was a British teacher, and traditionalist Catholic writer of many books about the Catholic Church following the Second Vatican Council.

He was brought up in Somerset, although he was said to be proud of his Welsh descent. He served as a regular soldier in the Somerset Light Infantry during the Malayan emergency, the Suez Crisis, and the EOKA campaign in Cyprus.

He taught in Catholic schools for thirty years until retiring in 1992 to take up writing full time. Initially, he supported the French Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, founder of the Society of St. Pius X, but was critical of the latter's decision to consecrate four bishops in 1988 against the wish of Pope John Paul II. Davies was head of the international Traditional Catholic organisation Una Voce.

Michael Davies Catechetical Revolution talk_MDCatchRev.mp3
Michael Davies The Eternal Sacrifice talk_MDEternalSacrif.mp3
Michael Davies Modernism talk_MDModernism.mp3
Michael Davies Vatican II talk_MDVatican2.mp3
Michael Davies ARCIC talk_MDARCIC.mp3
Michael Davies Catholic Education talk_MDCathEd.mp3
Michael Davies Liturgy Divided talk_MDLitDiv.mp3
Michael Davies Original Sin talk_MDOrigSin.mp3
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    Unknown May 29, 2015 at 12:04 AM , said...

    Thank you for your making these available to us and also on YouTube "The Liturgy Divided" by Michael Davies.

    Campbell January 25, 2016 at 2:14 AM , said...

    I like the way you start and then conclude your thoughts. Thanks for this nice information.

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