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The following lecture is from the Ethics and Public Policy Center, which is not a Catholic organization despite working with world-renowned Catholic scholars and writers like William J. Bennett, Avery Cardinal Dulles, S.J., Robert P. George, Mary Ann Glendon, Russell Hittinger, Richard John Neuhaus, and Michael Novak.

The Question of Marriage

A Lecture by Hadley Arkes

In this lecture, Professor Hadley Arkes explained how the most serious challenge in principle to the traditional laws governing marriage in fact reveals the deeper flaws in the argument for same-sex marriage.


Event audio, part one (MP3 format, 41 megabytes, 75 minutes)

Event audio, part two (MP3 format, 2 megabytes, 4 minutes)


Hadley Arkes (full bio here) is an EPPC Senior Fellow, and the Edward Ney Professor American Institutions at Amherst College. His most recent book is Natural Rights and the Right to Choose (Cambridge University Press, 2002).

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