Father Kenneth Myers was born in New Brighton, Pa. He grew up there and attended public schools, although he is grateful to the Sisters of St. Joseph for their influence on his vocation through their catechism classes. Father Myers graduated from Duquesne University with a bachelor's degree in Latin, Greek, and philosophy, and then a master's degree in education. He also holds a master's degree in theology from Christ the King Seminary in East Aurora, New York.

Ordained a priest for the Diocese of Pittsburgh in 1980, Father Myers served 15 years as a parish priest and 5 years as a hospital chaplain. He has been offering the traditional Mass since September, 1992, and was named chaplain of the Pittsburgh Latin Mass Community in January of 2001. He believes it is a great privilege to be able to offer the old Mass and to serve the faithful of the Latin Mass Community.

A full catalogue of his homilies are available for free download here.

of the Church

1 - Assist at Mass on Sundays and Holydays of Obligation

2 - Fast and Abstain on the Days Appointed

3 & 4 - Confess Sins and Receive Holy Communion during Eastertide

5 - Contribute to the Support of the Church

6 - Marriage Laws

The Ten Commandments






VI and IX

VII and X


Latin Mass Community Retreat - July 2006

Latin Mass Community Retreat - July 2005

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    andy March 30, 2013 at 1:44 AM , said...

    All of these posts come up with "Error 404 - Not Found". I'd really like to listen to these...

    Anonymous March 4, 2021 at 6:54 AM , said...

    Kenneth Myers has had his faculties restricted by his bishop. He has been reported to the district attorney of Allegheny County. In both cases because of accusation of sexual abuse of a child.

    Please feel free to confirm this by visiting the official website of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh:


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